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We had already solved the problem of easily installed, perfect baseboard alignment years ago with our DCB-DWL and DCB-Kit Dowel kits, and these have become a standard for modellers since day 1… but the vexing question of easily and reliably transferring high current power between boards has remained.

What connector to use? How to mount the plugs & sockets in each board? All of it more work to do, one more thing to do and one more thing to break, or, perhaps one more wire to lose as you set up the layout.

The basic concept wasn’t so hard… but it still needed thought. Especially with the small things, modellers have a remarkable ability to break things, and the ability to also hold two heavy baseboards perfectly while doing its job was important, so whatever we did needed to be pretty well bulletproof!

We also needed to make it easy to use for the average user, keep it simple and, because modellers are naturally frugal and want to re-use things, we had to make it last forever. No pressure then :-).
Our development schedule is always packed, so, as with all of the projects we do, the idea waited in the wings until the time was right… and as so often happens, it suddenly took on a life all of its own.

PowerPoints are a simple, elegant answer to many modellers needs. They look and feel substantial, they are highly accurate and beautifully finished. Reliability and long life are certain because materials and their treatments are exceptional… even featuring genuine gold plating on all power carrying parts and surfaces so that they will never corrode or lose performance over time. Most unusually in this day and age, they are fully serviceable should you ever need… which we doubt because they are as tough as old boots!

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