DCCconcepts Detectors, Decoders & Special FX Devices

DCCconcepts will release a range of detections systems to allow control of signalling, intelligent tracking of trains, route control, automation, control integration with computer systems and similar purposes.

Our intention is to create a system that will be able to be used with or without associated software and computer linking. It will combine both intelligent and semi-intelligent detection.

The logic structure is established and core technologies have been selected.

We intend to have the following characteristics.

  • It will be suitable for all scales and work well with both DC and DCC powered model railways.
  • It will not involve track circuiting.
  • It will integrate the function of train detection and train identification.
  • It will combine both intelligent (fully aware) and semi intelligent (event modified) detection.
  • It will be able to directly manage some aspects of train control if needed.
  • It will be usable with layouts of all sizes.
  • It will not require to be used with, or be limited, by any other form of proprietary controller bus.
  • It will be usable with scale model semaphore, 2 aspect, 3 aspect and 4 aspect signalling systems.

Concepts are proven and design work is progressing well, however, it requires a considerable effort to finalise all of the details, so there is still some time to go before it will be ready for release.

As with the DCCconcepts control system, as soon as we are able to see the first results of “in use” beta testing for the pre production items, we will make a proper release announcement and provide an accurate delivery day. Please be patient.

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