2 Channel Accessory Decoder CDU Solenoid Drive & Digital Relay SX

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Accessory Decoder CDU Solenoid Drive SX 2-Way with Power-Off Memory and Protective Case

ADS-2sx is an easy-to-use 2-way accessory decoder for solenoids with power-off memory.

ADS-2sx has a CDU built-in to each output and is the most reliable and most powerful solenoid decoder available, yet it stores all its power on-board so does not drain your DCC track power! Each channel also has a digitally addressable relay which has multiple uses including frog power control.

Packed with features including a CDU discharge button, Panel LED or Signal Control, Push-Button Option and Frog Power Switching.

Width 64mm
Depth 64mm
Height 22mm

To make sure there is a version for every need, ADS Decoders are also available in 4 and 8 way variants

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