Cobalt Power Supplies

Modellers habitually use the accessory outputs from DC controllers or low cost supplies never originally intended for their adopted role…

However more and more, it is important to use the right power supply for the right task… and for that power supply to deliver exactly what is claimed on the label.

DCCconcepts have therefore developed a range of high quality and reasonably priced power supplies designed from the ground up to do the job properly. Each of them is fully regulated so the output voltage is tightly controlled no matter what the mains voltage variance is. Each is protected both externally and internally, and each provides far more protection from mains line spikes and surges than any other supply made for the hobby.

Each of them is fully approved for use in most countries where railway modellers can be found.

Some are general use and some are designed for a specific purpose. All of them are highly regulated and so perfect suitable for digital applications.

All are fully guaranteed to do the job they was designed for while protecting your valuable control equipment or accessories.

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