Cobalt-SS Surface Mounted Turnout Motors

Why Cobalt-SS? Not every modeller wants to put their motors below the board and some simply cannot because of the layout design. Cobalt-SS is the best answer for those problems.

Cobalt-SS is small & subtle, able to mount close to or far from the turnout it controls. It has a full compliment of onboard functions to match its larger Cobalt iP relations.

Cobalt-SS is very stable because it uses stepper motors rather than servo motors. Powerful enough for all common gauges, its small size makes it small enough to use with all of them.

Cobalt-SS works equally well with DC or DCC. It can be operated with switches or via digital commands. Connection is a simple “plug and play” process. All controls and connections are on an easy-to-use control board able to power several motors from each of its outputs, so it is also very economical because loops or crossovers can be driven from a single output.

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