ESP® - Wireless Operation

No wires. No effort. No problems.
DCCconcepts ESP® turns almost any switch, detector or similar device into a simple to address, wireless source. ESP® can trigger actions, give feedback or send DCC control commands without the need for any wires.
– No long wires
– No soldering
– No complications
– Usable in any scale
– Totally universal and exceptionally simple interface.
– Allows anything to communicate, command or report to anything
– Seamlessly usable with any DCC brand
– Simple to install on DCC, DC or AC powered layouts
– Equally comfortable on shunting planks and super-layouts
– Zero dependence on local Wi-Fi networks
– No complexity, routers, passwords or other arcane digital nonsense, but totally secure.
– Absolutely zero interference between layouts at exhibitions
ESP® is perhaps the first product to honestly address the promise made by DCC 35 years ago…

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