Alpha Switch-i (6 Pack) (Red/Green)

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Alpha Switch-i (6 Pack) (Red/Green) – Perfect for use with Alpha Mimic and ESP to create almost 100% solder-free control panels that can even be totally wire-free if you wish!

Control panels need feedback so they can show the way things are operating, but most switches need complex contacts to make it possible.
Alpha Switch-i uses the hi-tech Alpha Switch design, adding simple plug-and-play switch and feedback connections, making it possble to control switchable DCC devices and reflect their status via a DCCconcepts Mimic board.
As Alpha Mimic reads every DCC power bus communication, the independent Alpha Switch-i LED always reflects actual layout conditions.
Each pack contains 6 switches, 6 switch connections (300mm) and 6 mimic connections (300mm) along with enough screws to install them in your control panel.

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