Cobalt AlphaSwitch-D (For Digital Devices) Blue (12 Pack)

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Cobalt AlphaSwitch-D (For Digital Devices) Blue (12 Pack)

The DCD-DSG, DSR, DSB & DSW mod­els have a 3-wire output on the PCB and are designed to connect to and control all digital devices that have 3 wire “left/right” control needs. The outputs are +5v/0v so you can use these switches to drive computer or DCC control at the same time.

These switch packs are independent of train driving preferences. They can be used for the control of Accessories on AC, DC or DCC layouts.

These switches are recommended for use with the Cobalt α Alpha Digital Encoder, Cobalt iP Digital or Cobalt-SS turnout motors, Cobalt REX relay extension board and all Cobalt Series accessory decoders including the AD-8fx, ADS-2sx and ADS-8sx. When driving ADS decoders, you will require the DCD-DSS accessory board to provide the momentary SPDT output required. This 3-wire device can also be used for ANY other brand product that needs SPDT control including accessory decoders.

When a switch is changed then the appropriate left or right output is triggered. Each switch is illuminated and the active route is indicated clearly. Alpha-Switch-D also has “power-off memory” so will remember switch positions between running sessions or after layout power interruptions.

Each control PCB requires power from a regulated DC power supply. While the permitted voltage range is 9~15v DC the outputs do NOT need to provide power to the device directly so we do recommend that to keep it simple, you stay with a 12v regulated DC supply as this can then also be used to add power to the Cobalt Alpha Encoder bus if needed.

As mentioned above these switch packs are available these switch packs are available with Green, Red, Blue or White LEDs. Each 3-wire switch pack includes 12 Switches, 12 Harnesses, 12 Mounting Bezels and 1 control PCB plus comprehensive connection instructions.

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Cobalt Point Motor Range
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Connection Diagrams – How do I connect Alpha Switch to my layout?

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