Working Point Rodding

There are some things that have just never happened in the hobby, because they were seen as being just too hard to manufacture. That’s never really bothered us here at DCCconcepts, as we love to think laterally and we do like to be different.

We also feel that adding a little inspiration (and the occasional challenge) for those in the hobby that like to work with their hands to make something special is well worth doing.

Our challenge was to create point rodding with real usability that is able to be assembled by the average modeller with a basic tool kit…. and here it is!

It is close to scale to look right, but practicality rules with mechanical things, so the cranks had to be a tiny bit larger than scale because the most common point-work used in the hobby has a huge gap between point blades and stock rails compared to the real thing.

The rodding itself is square and exactly to scale. The Rod stools are finely made, flash free and ready to go. Cranks are fully assembled with easy to use rod pockets already fitted.

Buy it in complete packs or a component at a time, it is up to you! Have fun!

Of course, hydraulic or electro-pneumatic turnout motors are taking over, so point rodding is seen less and less on the prototype as time progresses – however we have also created an easy to use “Distant Mounting Kit” with cranks, wire-in tube and other things to allow remote mounting of Cobalt-SS and other motor drive turnout motors, so our working point rodding range is versatile & will be useful to modellers or all periods, for many purposes.

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