Intelligent 3-Address Accessory Decoder

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DCCconcepts ADiA Intelligent Accessory decoders have some very special features which make them totally unique.
– Fits snugly in the recess in every Cobalt turnout motor (using the pre-fitted foam pad) or you can mount it seperately with the screws provided.
– Simple to wire without soldering
– Plug-and-play connectors for DCCconcepts magnetic or infra-red detectors
– Drive one or two Cobalt iP Analog or Omega turnout motors.
THREE accessory addresses, each of which can have it’s own throw direction to suit a specific route – use for route control or interlocking!
– Built-in switch connections for external control.

Accessories and Essentials
Magnetic Sensors
Sensor Magnets
Infra-Red Sensors
Infra-Red Reflectors
Instructions: General Information
Instructions: Setting Addresses
Instructions: Sensor Controlled Turnout Control
Instructions: Automatic Reverse Loop
Instructions: Scissors Crossover Installation
Instructions: Three-Way Turnout Installation

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