Baseboard Alignment Dowels

We tried ALL of the options and found that when passed to an average modeller, the dowels on offer were sloppy or, if they were of the “pattern maker” variety, they were just too expensive and too hard for an average modeller to use!

All in all we also found that those we tried were pretty well either ineffective OR simply too hard to get right for someone with limited woodwork experience. Modellers should NOT have to buy lots of special tools OR gain huge skills to do the simple things, so we developed our own…. easy to use and needing only simple tools for a perfect result every time!

As a result, every single modeller who has tried them has been delighted, and magazines really enjoy recommending them simply because they always work for their readers.

These Dowels are milled in a high precision computer controlled machine to give a match so close that they are almost airtight when pushed together, giving a zero movement perfect registration time after time. High grade hard alloy with total passivation and finished with anodising to totally prevent oxides forming means a super tough product and easy re-usability …so they are yours for life!

Expect to use 2 pairs per baseboard joint up to 30″, and add another pair for every 12″ above that width.

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