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When we set out to create something new, first and foremost it must give very good value and be of top quality… and to be sure that it works as well as it should we design all of our products not only for you - but for our own needs as modellers as well.

Our multi-gauge “Rolling Road” is no exception. We hope you like it too!

Like all good modelling “tools” our DCCconcepts multi-gauge rolling roads are of simple and effective design, use only top quality components, are very flexible in their application ...and of course, they’ve been carefully engineered to deliver both long service life and to be affordable, so they offer excellent cost-performance to railway modellers.

Perhaps best of all - We have created ONE design that will let you test, evaluate, set up, run in, clean driving wheels of or just display locos in ALL of the commonly used smaller modelling scales.

Our simple design can be quickly and easily configured to work effectively with locos of all types as well as multi-unit powered stock of almost any size in all of the following gauges & scales!

  • 9mm gauge N, 009 and Hoe
  • 12mm gauge TT, HOm and HOn3-1/2
  • 16.5mm gauge OO, HO, On30
  • 18.2mm gauge EM and 18.82mm gauge P4. 

What would you like to do now?

To view pictures of our Rolling Road being used in all popular modelling scales, just read on….

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(We would like to say “thank you” to the members of The Focus modelling Group for the chance to photograph some of their models which has let us demonstrate the versatility of our Rolling Road)


N scale






N scale modellers please note: As you can see with the N scale Union pacific “dash9” the rollers work well with 6 wheel diesels… however it IS possible that some locos of smaller prototypes with very short wheelbases may have drivers too close together for a roller set under every wheel. In that case simply use active rollers under only the outer wheels, as we have done with the HOe steam locomotive above.








4mm scale















We recommend that if you do have a stable of larger locomotives then it will be worth purchasing both an active roller set and an additional ”Support set” so every wheel can then contribute to pickup when you are doing your set-up or testing on the rolling road - however - You CAN use only one set on many occasions - for example, with the EM gauge locomotive above we chose to show you that ONE set of DCCconcepts rolling roads can be quite enough for even a large loco like this WD 2-8-0 and tender.









Changing gauge is simplicity itself… and all you need is 5 minutes with a small cross head screwdriver!

(Tip: Try to work in an area where dropped screws will be easy to find and if possible, use a magnetized screwdriver as this makes the job very quick and easy! If you don't have a magnetic screw-driver, just rub the tip of your screwdriver onto any DC motor magnet, speaker or hobby magnet and it will gain enough magnetism to make life easy for you!)

To change the gauge, just turn the units upside down, remove the screws, place the active or support bearing set into the correct spacer and replace the screw… that’s it!

Each “Active roller bearing set” of DCCconcepts rolling roads includes everything you can see in the picture below.

DCM-RRA6 6-axle multi-gauge active rolling road $99.95 set

If you are a Diesel modeller than one set of our DCCconcepts Active roller rolling roads will do all you will ever need…

If you are US modeller who has a collection of articulated locomotives or an Australian or South African modeller with a love of those really impressive Garratts you may need a second set of active rollers….

However... for most modellers who will never need to support more than six driven wheelsets, we have also created a “Support set” to complement our rolling road.

The DCCconcepts Rolling Road “Support Set”

This “Support Set” looks very like our Rolling road and works in exactly the same way to deliver power to any wheel that it is used with.

However instead of two pairs of high quality roller bearings for each axle it uses turned metal supports of exactly the same size, allowing us to keep your overall cost  down while still doing the very important multiple jobs of supplying power pickup and supporting pony trucks and tenders etc...

The “Support set” includes all multi-gauge spacers and shares the same construction methods as the active roller set, so it is just as easy to change gauge.

Each “Support wheel set” of DCCconcepts rolling roads includes everything you can see in the picture below.

DCM-RRS6 6-axle multi-gauge support set for RRoad $69.95 set


If purchased at the SAME TIME as an active roller set, we are pleased to offer you a special price of $59.95