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DCCconcepts make a range of high quality accessory decoders covering both solenoid and motor drive point motors. They are equally at home on DC or DCC layouts.

Incredibly easy to use and set up, they also have a huge range of features which makes them exceptional value.

With a “Capacitor Disharge Unit” or “CDU” onboard for each individual solenoid output, plus both Frog polarity control and direct LED panel light outputs already provided, there is nothing else to buy!

All DCCconcepts accessory decoders work perfectly on DCC – but what is not often considered or understood is that they will also work SUPER well for DC modellers, improving the quality and efficiency of solenoid operation, greatly simplifying point-work wiring and extending the features and control that a DC modeller can have, taking DC point control to a whole new level too!

The AD-S family of accessory decoders are all extremely easy to use, low in current draw and always connect directly to the track or accessory power bus – never needing the help of an added power supply.

DC modellers should power them with a 15~23 volt regulated DC power supply to make wiring of your DC controlled layout much, much easier!

We design our accessory decoders to be gentle on power consumption, so even our incredibly powerful solenoid decoders do not drain track power, because they store all the energy they will need on-board, rather than sucking up valuable train-driving power as they operate!

This also makes them totally compatible with computer or macro driven point control commands as they never need more power than that which is already on hand to operate, unlike other brands which simply cannot cope!

(While Current draw is always kept low we DO recommend adding a separate “DCC accessory power bus” if your layout is mid or large size with extensive use of DCC accessories, especially if you use solenoids. It just makes sense to do that)

DCCconcepts accessory decoders are very carefully designed to make sure they are easy to wire (ZERO soldering!) and extremely easy to set-up.

Setting the address is so simple that we call it “set and run” rather than talk of it as a programming process… We take this “keep it simple” process seriously because we think that there is just no need for ANY accessory decoder to be complex or make life difficult for the modeller!

Finally, there will be times when you want to control turnouts and accessories via digital control… but sometimes just using a simple control panel is more to your taste… so every DCCconcepts accessory decoder can be controlled either by DCC, via a Cobalt Alpha encoder or simple switches of almost any type (or with all of them as options if you like).