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At DCCconcepts we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of accessories for all of our products to make sure that the modeller can achieve the result he needs with the minimum of fuss.

Good value is always important – So we also always do our best to make sure that these accessory packs are complete with any special tools, so nobody will be disappointed when they open the pack because they are short of the thing that they need to do the job!

The Cobalt Accessory range is no exception: It covers essential spares, every possible switching requirement and any other thing that may assist installation or detailing of the installation.

The special tie bar stickers are a classic example – printed with a nicely scaled ballast, they are designed to go under the tie bar to cover the hole made for installation of the cobalt motor…but they do more than you might think! They are made of a special slippery material to aid tie bar movement, and are glued ONLY where they need to be, leaving the tie bar area silky smooth… so they grip the sleepers either side and make it easy to add ballast where it is needed without the need to add glue close to the moving parts of the point!

LED selections are another – especially in the digital control or SPDT toggle switch packs, available in include red, green AND bi-directional red/green flush-mounted LEDS, so panels are easy to make to your taste and will always look professional.

Even in the area of accessory packs… we pride ourselves in never running out of spare parts…so no matter how long you own your Cobalt point motors, we WILL be able to help you!