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The DCCconcepts range of Cobalt Point Motors contains several products, each unique in its own way, and all designed to make it easier to add reliable point operation and help you to implement the best possible control methods for your layout!

Size of underboard motors:
67mm deep (including connection terminals)
45mm (including fulcrum connector) x 40mm wide

The Cobalt point motor range therefore offers a range of options – from both Analog and Digital Point motors and their accessories to the slimline Cobalt-SS and some useful remote mount accessories which will help you install cobalt in awkward offset drive situations.

Cobalt motors are part of a complete track control range which also includes especially designed power supplies for both solenoids or motor drive point motors and a wide, ever-expanding range of DC/DCC compatible accessory decoders which, step by step, are including an ever wider range of new and unique features too.

We think the hobby needs less wire and more fun, so we’ve even created some very economical and simple to use adaptors that allow other-brand solenoid accessory decoders to power Cobalt point motors!

All Cobalt products offer exceptional value, top quality incredible versatility and great value.

Wherever possible, we have also made sure that no matter how you drive your trains, with AC, DC or DCC power… Cobalt will be ideal.

Analog, digital, small or large scale, Cobalt really are the best and most versatile point motors available!

For Cobalt related manuals and advice, please click here!