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Cobalt Signal Levers and Accessories – The Reality: Cobalt-S

Something special: 140mm (5-1/2″) high and with a feel that has never been achieved before without long hours of skilled work on the modellers workbench.Cobalt-S has a solid brass lever with working locking catch that gives a real feeling of action when moved, with a solidity and purpose reminiscent of the real thing. Added detail parts are also supplied with every switch.

Incredible versatility: Cobalt S can literally switch ANY electrical item ever created for use on a model railway, without exception… yet it is very easy to connect and understand. It’s also a switch that will happily group together just like the prototype but also comes complete with a subtle added spacer for those with larger fingers.There are simply NO limits, so you can create a local control position or recreate the classic major signal box of a large yard or city station.

Solver of problems: With Cobalt-S, there is no more need for special switches or special expensive add-ons to make things work in the way you want. Cobalt-S is the one and only device that will operate any form of point or turnout control device or signals and can simultaneously control interlocking, operate lights on a control panel and where needed, provide power control for live frog point-work.
Use a Cobalt-S to control traditional low cost solenoids, and problems disappear… or use it with Cobalt digital or Cobalt Classic point motors and the possibilities for layout control will become almost infinite.

Universal usability: All things become possible with Cobalt-S whether you use solenoid or motor drive point motors, semaphore signals or colour lights or choose to operate with AC, DC or DCC power.

A product to enjoy: We have really thought about how you may want to use it, So wiring is clearly laid out and we have created a simple PCB connection as the hub of your wiring. Simple connection is described on each pack, and more complex wiring is explained in several manuals available online. Each Cobalt-S is also supplied with several top quality extra detail parts so as well as making any switching you might want possible… you can dress it up the way you want to add even more realism to your model railway.