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We really like the NCE range of DCC systems. Whilst it could be fairly stated that some other brands have snappier presentation, the workmanlike look of the NCE range serves a very important purpose… they give the handset ideal ergonomics. Left or right handed… it is very comfortable in the hand.

The controls are logically arranged so the controller is perfect for relaxed “one handed” operation, with all important driving controls in reach of your thumb. The display is deceptively simple, but repeats all commands in plain English, never resorting to symbols and creating confusion.

The internal logic is sensible and consistent… so having bought the system you are soon feeling totally in control and will never need to dog ear the manual through constant use.

The systems themselves are complete, meet all standards better than almost all competitors and are very, very reliable – with excellent support available from us, or from NCE if needed.

They are also versatile, easily upgradeable, computer-linkable and more- with NO downside… the starter set can easily become the full featured high power system with the addition of a single “Smart booster”, and the 5 amp system can soon become a 10, 15 or even 20 amp capable “multi-power district” system with dozens of handsets for huge club layouts with the simple addition of more controllers, boosters and power supplies.

All the above is easy to say… but will YOU like them? We know that’s true because we have never had an NCE customer change to another brand – ever!

And… and whilst we sell several system brands, NCE are the source of fewer problems and far, far fewer “help, how do I do this?” customer calls than all of the other brands.

So – whether you have a smaller layout and start with the exceptionally good value “PowerCab” starter set or go straight to the Power Pro system or Power Pro radio system, we are sure you will be happy.

PS: We really do mean it when we say we like them… In fact we use them in our own product production testing, in our installation areas and very importantly, on our own layouts!