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      Direct Retail Supply:

      DCCconcepts is a global supplier of high quality model railway parts and accessories. We are also able to provide OEM supply under your own brands for some product categories.

      We are committed to a truly world pricing approach so that retailer profitability remains balanced and so that consumers in various countries in which we are represented can enjoy DCCconcepts products at similar prices.

      In doing this it is of course necessary to also understand and allow for differences in shipping costs, local business costs and tax and regulations present and active in various parts of the world to achieve this.

      We offer a unique and growing product range with excellent performance and reputation. All items are standards approved where necessary (i.e. ROHS2 and CE) and we are able to comply as needed with other regulatory regimes.

      We offer top quality and in depth product support at all levels. We are prepared to travel internationally with high frequency in order to support distributors and their resellers.

      We require broad support across product ranges as a condition of supply. Please be aware however that while we reserve the right to OEM supply and supply to niche specialist resellers for some products, in general we do not maintain any form of direct retail supply within the territory of appointed distributors.

      We offer very good quality warranty support providing that your local activity meets our requirements and we always have spare parts and service assistance, including test jigs as needed, for distributors. Free of charge parts or product can also be arranged to provide you with the ability to offer immediate local dealership warranty support.

      Retailer pricing is based on a negotiated, stable fixed discount applied vs DCCconcepts web retail prices for all our products.

      A single discount includes removal of local tax for export and because we never offer discounts to our retail clients it also provides a transparent, reliable, stable pricing platform that automatically lowers your buy price if we ever lower pricing.

      DCCconcepts carry significant inventory at all times and our supply reliability is currently better than 95% shipped within 2 business days of order receipt. We hold large inventory, pricing is stable and all items are attractively retail-packaged.

      DCCconcepts product supply minimums are reasonable and we will vary policy to support you on occasion, but we do want you to hold reasonable stocks of core items and do your best to stay with complete “inner carton” multiples and various quite reasonable product-by-product minimum purchase levels.

      We take a planned and measured approach to distribution growth as we feel it is essential to grow our own ability in the areas of customer service support and inventory availability in step with our sales growth.

      Shipping within Australasia:

      All retailer orders must be pre-paid. Delivery is 3~7 days country wide by Australia post (trackable by us) or faster by DHL at very reasonable rates. Shipping cost is included on invoices. DHL is very competitive once parcels exceed several Kg.

      Shipping world wide:

      All export business is prepaid. Delivery is 3~7 days world wide by UPS or DHL at heavily discounted rates and this  shipping cost is included on invoices. Clearance fees, and local taxes or customs costs are of course the responsibility of the distributor. Shipping can if pre-agreed, be arranged at your cost via your own accounts with these companies.

      Enquiries regarding direct retailer supply:

      Please feel free to enquire about distribution by email or telephone.  We will respond within 48 hours to all enquiries.

      Address to: Richard Johnson
      Email: rejohnson@dccconcepts.com
      Phone: +61 8 9437 2470
      Office Hrs: 10~5 Monday to Friday
      Time Zone: GMT + 8 hours

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