Soldering Irons

To do good work in ANY modelling area, high quality tools are essential – Without a doubt soldering is one place where owning and using the right tool will make the difference between success and failure!

The Soldering iron specification is important of course, but as well as the right tip and consistent heat delivery, the fit and feel of the iron in your hand are very important too… because just as you write best with a well made and balanced pen, a high quality Iron will feel good in your hand and as a result, it will give the greatest comfort and quality in its results!

So… if you are serious about doing a good job of kit-building, wiring the layout, DCC installation or anything else, then make sure that you maximize the chances of success, and keep soldering a pleasure by choosing the right soldering iron, solder, flux and related tools! We guarantee that if you do, it will make an absolutely huge difference to every task you do at the workbench, whether it is assembling brass or white-metal kits, soldering wire to rail, soldering decoder wires, adding wires to PCB’s or installing LEDs… (Bear in mind that for decoder, LED and anything with electronics, you should choose an ESD safe (‘static free’) iron and always use a quick precise touch of the Iron to avoid heat damage).

Most importantly, it will be an easier and more enjoyable task with these products – we absolutely guarantee it as we will ONLY sell soldering equipment we will use ourselves! (Just in case you missed it, we also have a massive section on how to solder, covering the ‘how to’ of soldering almost anything!

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