NCE PowerCab Starter Set (05240042) *Free Decoder & Connection Cable*

Price: £166.63Tax Free

NCE PowerCab Starter Set – PowerCab is a complete DCC control system and comes with power supply.

Full 28 function control, 2 amp max power. Very powerful programming track ability. Easy upgrade to 5 amp system later using the DCCconcepts Alpha System.

When you purchase your NCE system from DCCconcepts, you will receive a *FREE* single Zen Locomotive Decoder AND a 6-wire Curly Lead which makes operation much easier! In your CUSTOMER COMMENTS, please state which decoder you wish to receive. If you do not state a preference, we will provide the DCD-ZN218.6 These items will be added free of charge when we process your order.

Want to increase the performance of your PowerCab – consider this fantastic 18V, 2 Amp power supply(also available for US, Australian and European customers)!


  • Cabs: 4 maximum plus 3x USB &/or Mini Panel
  • Number of simultaneous trains: 6
  • Range of locomotive addresses: 0-9999
  • Range of consist addresses: 1-127
  • Range of accessory addresses: 1-2044
  • Continuous Output Current: 1.4 amps (maximum 2 Amps)
  • Power supply: UK Supply Included
  • Output voltage: 13.4 Volts
  • Computer interface: USB optional

Accessories and Essentials
Universal Controller Caddy (DCC-CC1)
Power Supply Upgrade (DCP-18.2.UK)
Layout Fascia Panel Upgrade (DCD-DAP)
Alpha Central Accessory Control (DCD-AEC)