S179 Solder, No Clean Flux and Fibreglass Brush

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DCCconcepts Sapphire Solder, Flux and Fibreglass Brush

1x DCS-S179 Sapphire 179 Solder (Super Versatile)
1x DCS-SFNC Sapphire No-Clean Flux 50ml
1x DCT-FBS Medium Fibreglass Brush

This combination makes everyone a soldering expert!

Sapphire 179 solder is 0.6mm diameter solder which flows beautifully. It is perfect for brass, copper, wiring, trackwork, soldering to nickel silver or even to steel. It has a very narrow melt range which makes dry joints a thing of the past and has a multiple flux core to assist wetting and flow. Because it also contains silver, it is a little more expensive, but we make no apology for that as this specially formulated solder is simply the very best available anywhere!

Sapphire No-Clean Flux is an ideal companion that will make it possible for you to make perfect joints easily every time!

The classic fibreglass brush is a very useful tool that no modeller should be without.

Watch a video about using DCCconcepts Saphhire Solder, Flux and Fibreglass Brush here

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