65 Watt Soldering Station with Temperature Control

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AT937A 65 watt Soldering Station with Temperature Control.

Based on a very successful commercial soldering station used in industry, the AT-937A is an easy to use, high quality 65 watt soldering station with accurate temperature control.

It is excellent value.

It is a very good choice for those doing almost anything on the workbench, from tiny soldering jobs on DCC decoders to general circuit work, re-wiring of locomotives or building brass kits.

With a reasonable footprint that does not take up too much bench space and a silicon lead on the iron to make it light in the hand, it also has more than enough power to keep your solder joints quick and cool. The AT-937A also has simple to use controls with very stable temperature control.

Our testing showed it has fast turn-on heating and very good heat recovery for larger things too.

Construction is top quality with a ceramic heater element, and all this plus its high reliability gave it our “Stamp of approval” – in fact we now use it ourselves on our own workbenches.

Spare elements are available from DCCconcepts. This soldering iron uses standard Hakko-type tips that are freely available – and because we know the importance of using the right tip, The AT-937A is supplied with TWO of them.

Out of the box it has a standard small conical tip for finer wiring on PCBs and we have chosen to add a very versatile T18-C2 tip which has an excellent profile for track use, wiring and all general hobby soldering (we prefer this tip type for many soldering jobs).

The AT-937A is supplied with a high quality soldering iron stand. You may also need a tip tinner / cleaner, some DCCconcepts solder and our famous no-clean flux of course.

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