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DCC Control & Wiring is a complex subject: The choice of control system, accessory decoders for signal and point work, plus detectors, wire for the layout, overload protection and auto-reversers, as well as the power supplies that you will use to power, are all important.

Making good choices in all areas really matters…as between them, they form the core “system” that will power and control your trains. The right choices in tools and accessories will make installation and operation easier and more fun, so you will find a few of them here too.

How ranges are presented can sometimes make them easier to find.  We have therefore separated control systems from accessory decoders, detection and accessories, each of which has it’s own folder, brand by brand, as appropriate.

To make navigation within this section easier, you will also find a drop-down menu at the left of the screen once you take the next step… We hope that you enjoy browsing.

Control Systems:

We test and evaluate every device and each brand that we sell before making the decision to offer it to you. We reject those we do not like, or those that we feel may let you down. We take a”modellers approach” to all selections so we sell and recommend ONLY those brands that we would be prepared to use on our own layouts. You will find NCE, ESU, Roco Z21 and Multimaus sets here.

Before you decide, we strongly recommend that you visit our advice pages and read our no-nonsense advice on how to plan for your DCC system purchase, which includes a pragmatic overview of many systems and our conclusions as modellers about their performance, features and usability.

Power Supplies:

This is without a doubt the most important decision once the system itself is selected.

While some brands list AC supplies in their offerings, the truth is that a high quality regulated DC power supply will always give a better and more stable result. Even where DC supplies are offered – there are sometimes compromises! Some, like ESU, do supply a good quality properly regulated DC power supply because they really understand the needs of computer devices… However, in the main, low cost supplies are bundled with systems to keep the overall price low, so they are rarely as good as the right choice in an aftermarket equivalent!

DCCconcepts have therefore created a range of specially designed power supplies and other devices perfectly matched to and tested with all brands – these really do meet modern DCC system needs…

We have also chosen some really top specification regulated DC supplies for computer interface devices and we have the worlds only mains-powered CDU so that solenoid users (including Atlas, PECO, Seep and Hornby) can guarantee perfect results every time – with no added power supply or complex wiring needs!

All DCCconcepts mains-powered devices meet all appropriate safety and CE standards.

Protection and Auto-Reversers:

Good power management around the layout is essential.

We stock and highly recommend the DCC Specialities range of electronic overload protection and auto-reversing devices. We do this because while other brands make similar things, they often use slow technology, such as relays, that doesn’t work as well – they also tend to fail in constant use.

Right now, the DCC Specialities range has the best reliability, adjustability and fastest acting circuitry, giving you the best possible protection…however, do expect to see some exciting new devices in this category from DCCconcepts before too long!

Layout Wiring and Wiring Accessories:


DCCconcepts have a range of pre-twisted, top quality, high-purity copper power bus wire in all the sizes you may need at the right price. We also offer top quality, pre-tinned dropper wire and a great range of useful tools and accessories. Wire is, of course, available by the metre, but do not underestimate the very significant savings in buying a 25 or 50m reel!

Wiring Accessories:

DCCconcepts offer the BEST power bus wire stripper available. You may find cheaper – but we guarantee you’ll not find better!

We also have everything from low cost power bus suppressors, to square up the waveform and suppress short-recovery spikes, to throttle pockets that let you holster hand controllers around the layout.

We make installing the wiring easier and tidier too, with some top quality power bus distribution bars and our unique, easy-to-use “bus to dropper system” which uses tags made with our own tooling.

We even have exclusive 6-wire curly cord for your PowerCab, so you will no longer have to use the straight cord!

Comprehensive layout wiring advice can be found in our “Advice” area on this website.