Ground Signals

The built-in simplicity of the Alpha Mimic approach is also a great choice for the control of other things.

This combination of digital control and easy to use design also lets us make the whole process of adding ground signals very easy indeed… because everything becomes a “one connector per signal”, totally plug and play process, with even signal control taken care of by Alpha Mimic!

With the control situation already taken care of we have therefore created a range of four different ground signals – and made them “ready to use” out of the pack. While each working signal is a finely made model in its own right, and is ready to use when you buy it.

While the quality of the signals is very high, that does not also mean high cost: Value is exceptional, with each digitally controlled signal less than the cost of a quick lunch in a local coffee shop, and packs signals also available without a mimic control board for even less!

The Mimic control board can handle more signals that are supplied in the pack, multiple signal can connect to each Mimic output and there are of course, a wide range of Mimic extension leads and adapters available to let you install them anywhere, in any combination, while staying 100% plug and play.

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Alpha Mimic Ground Signal Accessories

Alpha Mimic Ground Signal User Guide

Controlling Ground Signals using Cobalt Point Motors

Controlling Ground Signals using Cobalt SS Point Motors


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