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Model coaches are getting better and better. We think that the interior details should improve too.

We lead this initiative with some museum quality table-lamp replacements for the “plastic cones” added to Pullman and restaurant cars by the major brands.

Suitable for Pullman and all restaurant cars in the heyday of railways prior to nationalisation, these delicate table lamps are affixed to fully set tables with plates, knives and forks in place. The lamp is designed to properly illuminate the tables as the originals do and given an appropriate coloured dye or wash, will also reproduce the elegant tint of the originals lamp shades.

Proper installation needs time, as things like table heights need adjusting to allow for the thickness of the new top – however the result is a museum quality installation that will create a truly remarkable model.

For those of less adventurous skills, we will soon release these lamps without the tables for a greatly simplified installation.

More modern modellers are not forgotten. We are truly proud of our “Mk3 / M4” coach table lamps. Like the restaurant car lamps, these put a realistic glow where it should be and are accurate down to the switch and the inset service panel at the rear (viewable from outside the coach) that is actually a separate applied part, despite their tiny size!

These lamps are seen even today on the UK East Coast main line.

They are appropriate for European modellers too: An almost identical lamp was used in European trains throughout the second half of the 20th century, and their small size means that the scale difference is not noticeable (actually they are so much finer in scaling than other lamps, they look better than lamps installed by the original HO coach makers)

Finally we will soon make compromised unrealistic lighting strips redundant with the release of full  length “Coach-roof interior lighting strips” that properly emulate the combination of side and down-light used in all modern coaching stock. Be patient… it will not be long!

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