12x Working Table Lamps (Lamps Only) BR and EU

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A stunning reproduction of the lamps used in BR Mk 3 and 4 coaches which is still used in todays refurbished coaching stock. This lamp is also perfect for many European coach types which use similar lamps.

No RTR manufacturer has come even close to reproducing coach lighting this accurate – even the switch is represented! The lamp is not over-bright and correctly throws a pool of light onto the table. Easy to install with minimal tools providing you take your time!

12x Working Table Lamps
12x 1k Ω Resistors
12x 5k Ω Resistors
12x 10k Ω Resistors
10x Spring Wheel Pickups
750mm of Self-Adhesive 3mm Copper Tape
500mm of Decoder Wire (32g)

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