DCCconcepts Auto Reversers and Circuit Breakers

Good power management around the layout is essential. DCC really does need fast acting breakers to protect locomotives and infrastructure from high current short circuits and overload, so only properly designed and fast-acting products designed for DCC are suitable.

We stock and highly recommend the DCC Specialities range of electronic overload protection and auto-reversing devices.

We choose to stock this range because they are fully electronic, highly reliable, fast acting and adjustable to give the best level of protection for each individual application.

(While other brands make similar things, they often use slow technology, such as relays, that do not work as well, making DCC systems falter and causing trains to hesitate. Relay-based auto-reversers also tend to fail in constant use as the relay contacts arc each time they open and close, leading to pitting of the contacts. In the extreme, they can also cause power spikes on the DCC bus, making the auto-reversers from some well known brands quite destructive.

Right now, we think that this range will give you the best possible protection, so they are our choice because we are certain that they will do their job really well – However, you can also expect to see some exciting new devices added to this category in the future…from DCCconcepts!

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