DCCconcepts Exclusive Control Systems

Yes, we are working on it… and we have some very interesting ideas that will make it something a little bit different.

While it will of course comply completely with all DCC standards, and be equally at home on layouts anywhere in the world, we also intend to add something entirely new that will make it the perfect controller choice for all UK and European modellers.

Concepts are already proven and design is underway.

  • Yes, it will be at home with any modelling scale.
  • Yes, it will be a 5 amp system with an ability to expand as needed.
  • Yes, it will have a versatile interface to allow multiple multiple controllers including wireless (radio)
  • Yes, it will have a full set of features, program track ability, computer interface and everything else that a modern system should have. It will also be able to interface to a touch screen, tablet or smart phone.
  • Yes, it will be easily update-able and have all of the “technological things you might expect.

There is still a long way to go though – we need to make sure it really is as good as it can be, so once the system is approaching completion we will still have to do several months of extensive “Beta Testing”.

However, once that commences and we have the first reports, so we can be close enough to be confident of a realistic delivery date, we will make an announcement.

Be patient please. It will take us a considerable time to complete as it is a complex project.

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