NCE Detectors and Accessory Decoders

We are of course able to offer the entire NCE accessory range at short notice, however unlike the NCE controller range that we really  like very much, we are a little more selective with their accessories.

Therefore we stock only those NCE Detectors and Accessory decoders that we really do feel represent excellent value.

We really DO like the economical, simple and very reliable BD20 detector – it is a great introduction to interactive train detection that’s easy to understand, install and use.

We also happily stock the smaller NCE accessory decoders, but very honestly, we are NOT at all keen on the Switch-8 which we feel lacks features and really does not have much “drive power” ability.

Please note:
NCE “stall motor” decoders such as the Switch-it and Switch-8 both have a very low power drive ability and so they are NOT suitable for use with any European made motor drive turnout motors. They are also not usable with Cobalt Ω or Cobalt iP Analog.

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