Tillig Elite Track & Pointwork

Keeping with our preference for stocking ONLY Those items we would use ourselves, we tried tilling, tested it thoroughly and really liked it… so we have added Tillig Elite and Narrow gauge ranges to our track selection.

Tillig point-work is beautifully made using pre-weathered code 83 rail and all Tillig point-work is made ready for live frog wiring to be added, making the whole process of getting reliable running much easier.

Those who are used to Peco’s “small/medium/large” or US frog number variants may find the Tillig use of “Turnout angle by degree” a little confusing so we have also converted these to a close approximation of “frog number” for you. (Bear in mind that the angle includes any curvature of the exit track, so overall angle will be sharper than the frog angle).

Tillig may be slightly dearer but it also has some very nice added features… for example, to make track laying look nice and natural, many Tillig turnouts can be slightly bent if needed.

Overall it delivers smooth running and the range is well scaled for European HO. It is finely detailed and while it may be perhaps slightly more delicate than Peco, it is nonetheless very well made and more than tough enough for use on hard-working, busy layouts!

As a nice bonus, all Tillig point–work also includes some finely moulded detail parts such as prototype point motors to add realism to the layout.

We carry most of the listed items ex stock, and we can usually deliver any out of stock item within ten days. Our Tillig pricing is very competitive within Australia too!

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