NCE Engineers Throttle with Digital Display (w/Radio) (524040)

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The NCE Engineers Throttle with Digital Display (w/Radio) is an intermediate throttle with a 4 digit loco number display.

It uses an endless very fine control ‘rotary encoder’ for speed control. Because of this it is also able to offer seamless and easy direct swapping between two locos via a toggle switch. – Really useful for banking and similar procedures possible with DCC. While with all Cab06 variants, operation is by default a conventional ‘speed control plus reversing switch,’ Cab06 can also be set to YARD mode. Yard mode makes the speed knob act as a ‘centre off’ speed control. When centred, the loco is stopped. When rotated left or right, the loco moves in forward or reverse as appropriate. Cab06 also offers easy selection and control of individual or entire routes through turnouts (via the MACRO key), and has a useful OPTION button that can be programmed to act as any button you wish, even those found on a much larger cab.

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