Tillig 85510 Points Accessories

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By means of the large number of turnout accessories, the surroundings of your track system can be made even more prototypical. Some parts such as the covers of the siding boxes or the switch test boxes still have to be painted. In the case of the prototype these elements have a yellow coat of paint. The following illustrations and notes are intended to illustrate at which points on the track body the individual elements are used. For all elements, the installation height is the same as the upper edge of the rail.

Pack contents:
Track Counters
Track Connection Boxes
Turnout Drive Unit, Turnout Centre Lock, Base Plates, Setting Rods and Gear Box

Full details are available here: https://www.tillig.com/dateien/Produkte/HOModellbahnen/EliteGleissystem/WeichenKreuzungen/85510_368560-Zubeh%C3%B6rteile%20H0_2020_05_08.pdf

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