Locomotive Wiring Value Pack

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1x Pre-Settable Fine Wire Stripper Tool
6m of each: Black, Red, Grey, Orange, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Brown and Pink 32 gauge decoder wire
1x 8mm Kapton Tape (length 20m)

Fine Wire Strippers:
Exclusive to DCCconcepts! These are the best there are, anywhere and the ultimate stripper for fine work. The locking adjustment lets you set them in any position so you are guaranteed to strip only the insulation, not the core. Adjustment is so fine you can take the strip size as high as 3mm – or as small as 0.1mm.

32 Gauge Decoder Wire:
With the right range of fine wire, any installation can be neater, tidier, better organised and look far more professional – greatly increasing reliability and giving the satisfaction of a job well done!

Kapton Tape:
20m of 8mm wide Kapton Tape. Kapton is extremely thin but also very hard, and makes the perfect insulation tape for installations needing good insulation without bulk.

Offers a considerable saving when compared with total seperate selling price.

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