Weight Mate DCC install aid (Adds weight while testing)

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We often need to check loco performance because the electrical pickups are not great. Temporarily adding some extra weight is a huge help, making Weight Mate a very useful aid for anyone who works on their locomotives.

Weight Mate is a soft, mouldable fabric bag filled with lead shot that can be placed on top of most N scale or larger locos to see if adding weight will help OR to greatly improve pickup while using your DCC programming track.

It is safe and simple to use as it will not fall off or damage fine detail.

Still not sure? It is also a “Win-Win” purchase, because if you find that you do not use it often enough after purchase, it contains enough fine lead shot to add significant weight to many of your locomotives… and the small but heavy pellets will fit easily in hard-to-get-to places.

(Of course, we do also sell fine lead shot in 500 gram bags. Look for DCT-LLD)

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