Cobalt iP Analog Turnout Control Pack

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Cobalt iP Analogue Turnout Control Pack

This pack contains everything you need to motorise up to 12 turnouts using our Cobalt iP Analog motors!

• 1x Cobalt iP Analog (12 Pack) (DCP-CB12iP) with FREE Lifetime Warranty
• 2x Cobalt iP Analog Switch Pack with LEDs (DCP-CBSRD) to build your control panel with plug-in, push-fit LEDs
• 1x 12V DC Split Power Supply Kit (DCP-SPS12) including wall plugs and splitter board
• 1x 3-Wire RGB Ribbon (10m) (DCD-SW3.10) for connecting the power supply to your switches
• 2x 2-Wire Red/Black Layout Wire (5m) (RCA-RBW.5) for connecting your switches to your turnout motors
• 1x Wiring Instructions – a leaflet showing how to connect everything together on your layout

This really is the easiest and most reliable way to motorise your turnout motors using analog (DC) power!

Installation Instructions PDF

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