Cobalt iP Analogue and Omega Switch Pack with LEDs (RED)

Price: £20.79Tax Free

SIX plug & play pre-wired switches (CBSRD) with 12 pre-terminated plug-in green LEDs.

Available with Red, Green or Red+Green bicolour LEDs, these switch packs are easy to use and create the perfect combination when used for control of Cobalt iP Analog, Cobalt Omega Analog and other slow-action turnout motors. All done with less soldering, faster installation and giving you more time for driving trains!

There are 6 sets of switches and 12 LEDs in each pack. The switches are standard 1/4″ hole mount. The LEDs plug into the switches and are designed to be “push-fit” into your panel – all you have to do is use the correct drill size for the easiest control panel creation that you have ever had!

Please use with an SPS-12 split-rail power supply.

Alternative Colour Options