DCCconcepts Ultimate Layout Control Bundle (5 Amp)

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The DCCconcepts Ultimate Layout Control Bundle comes complete with:

* NCE PowerCab – the world’s best-selling DCC Control System with full functionality
* DCCconcepts Alpha Power – Smooth, reliable 18 Volt, 5 Amp power supply
* DCCconcepts Alpha Box – Boosts your Powercab to a full 5 Amp DCC system
* DCCconcepts Alpha Central – Controls 12 digital accessories on your layout (such as Cobalt iP Digital point motors)
* Zen decoder of your choice so that you can get your first train running perfectly
* DCCconcepts Controller Caddy so that you always have somewhere to put your handset

Full instructions complete with comprehensive telephone support available 6 days a week from our Technical Department

If you don’t want UK power supplies – please let us know and we will supply the correct country power adapter for your new system!


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